Thursday, July 14, 2016

Riptide GP2

GP2 Riptide is a unique racing game on mobile, this game uses the way control with equipment to be able to drive the vehicle in the game through the players move their handset by tilting the phone and control it like a steering wheel to perform that operation. Your brake parts is a button on the screen and just like most other racing game type, you can also use the energy support to rise up the lead in the play screen. Earn to die 5

To always win the victory in the race, the player needs to have certain experience with every kind of street racing, which is more specifically a few tricks while racing. A simple trick that's useful for you that is both powerful claws your thumb in any direction on the screen of the device at the same time, will create the handles on the art, not even so you need to play many times to know is the time needed to use that trick. If you unfortunately gets into a wall or cross the boundaries of race, racers will be thrown like a cloth doll. Besides, players will also receive a number of experience points and certain bonuses in each of the stages, experience points can be used to unlock new abilities or tricks for your racers, and in-game money for shopping or upgrades for your ship. Earn to die 6

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